Other suppliers invest in ships*

*We also invest in relationships.

Over 70 years of experience

Founded in 1947, Arnold Suhr has grown to become a global trading house with offices throughout the world. Our focus on is on the little things that make the biggest differences, and with a team of market, industry and product experts, we’ve been committed to supplying the best possible service for almost 70 years.



Little things like understanding not everything is one size fits all. That’s why we tailor our orders to suit you, so you get what you want, when you want.



Little things like knowing our Iodate from our Iodide, so you can rest assured you’re in safe hands and free up the time to focus on your business.



Little things like picking up the phone in the middle of the night, because we understand your production line never sleeps.


Steijnlaan 26
1217 JS Hilversum
The Netherlands

tel: +31(30) 248 10 10
fax: +31(30) 241 46 36



Unit 1403, Hao Yun Commercial
Mansion, No. 376 Xingang Road
Mid. Guangzhou

tel: +86(20) 221 295 01
fax: +86(20) 221 295 07



2nd Floor Injet Building
Tanà Water- Front Ambodivona
Antananarivo 101

Contact us for order enquiries, questions or just to say hello. Our expert team will do their best to help you find exactly what you’re looking for.